National level international freight forwarding enterprises

International freight at the national level
Agent enterprise

National level international freight forwarding enterprises

Freezer service

Shangrui International can provide a variety of global end-to-end cargo transportation solutions for different customer needs

Ocean booking (General Cargo/Freezer/Dangerous Goods)

We have in-depth knowledge of shipping services from more than 300 ports around the world. Shangrui International can help you expand your business to all parts of the world and ensure the safety and reliability of your cargo.
A number of shipping companies to choose from, affordable freight: through more than ten years of business accumulation, with EMC, MSK, CMA, ONE, SITC, COSCO, TSL, YML, ZIM, MCC, HPL, HMM, KMTC and other shipping companies to maintain close cooperation, diversified services, price advantages.
Advantage routes: Canada line, South America line, Australia line, Middle East line, Southeast Asia line, Europe line

International air transportation

Working with a number of airlines, we are committed to getting your cargo to market quickly and reliably, and are committed to delivering your cargo in a timely manner in all countries and regions around the world in full compliance with local regulations. We will work closely with you to provide a wide range of flexible services to meet your needs, promote your success and help you deliver on your commitments.

Business scope

As the first level agent of OOCL shipping company in South China, we can provide personalized freezing Freight plan. We undertake Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Hong Kong/Guangxi starting freezer full container shipping, trailer, customs clearance One-stop service. Business covers global routes, can be for your cargo (frozen vegetables, frozen meat, fruit, milk For products that require constant temperature or low temperature transportation, such as oil and pharmaceuticals, precise temperature control and professional care are provided The service.

Dangerous goods service

As a pioneer in the international logistics of dangerous goods in China, Shangrui has been committed to providing customers with professional, safe and reasonable dangerous goods transport solutions. Business scope: Guangzhou & Shenzhen port of hazardous chemicals import and export, ocean booking, maritime declaration, customs declaration, container trailer, warehousing. Years of focus has accumulated a wealth of operational experience to ensure the safety of your cargo at all times.
Shanghai Rui International digital, coming soon...
In the future, you can book online on the international website, check the real-time status of the voyage, and manage your order